It's been years in the making
In my skin I am shaking from the cold
I am tired from the taking
And my heart it won't stop breaking and I know...
Moving forward can't be this hard

I'm still trying to find out
Who I am on my own
I had you right beside me
But now you're gone and I know
That when the room clears I'm still here
Who am I when I'm alone?

They say time is a healer
But it's more like a concealer for a scar
'Cause it never really leaves us
But it can always find us where we are
Who thought it could ever be so hard?

There's so much I should have said when time was wearing thin
You're not here but someday I know I'll see you again

4 Komentar:

deqyalalink said...

ee jht nye kau letak untie leha !

~`nAnie~ said...

ko wat sendiri??
mak aii
maksod mndalam
ad mslh ker ko ni

CaRloStAnD said...

xbley ke mkck???

ne ad ak wat..,
lagu nie..,
wat jiwa cool..,

senah jongos~ said... toh carlos...jiwe racau~

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